Modular. Custom. Quality.

Manufactured housing solutions for all applications.

Top Quality

We build homes made to last using the highest quality, durable materials to Australian standards.

Custom Built

Our designs are fully customisable to suit accommodation requirements across a range of uses.


Our homes suit a range of uses and provide a durable solution to comfortable and affordable accommodation.

The Yaba Homes Difference

Yaba Homes manufacturers high quality, full customisable and affordable modular housing solutions for a variety of uses.

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From design to handover, your partnership with Yaba Homes is straight forward and hassle-free in just 6 easy steps!

1. Site Visit

Our Yaba Homes team will visit you on-site to visually inspect your property, give you additional info and answer your questions. We’ll set up an appointment to visit our display office.

2. Customisation

We'll work with you to custom design your home by selecting floor plans, roof pitch, materials, claddings, linings and more. We’ll provide you with an itemised quote.

3. Design Agreement

We’ll undertake a Master Builders preliminary contract agreement and a down payment will secure the design and procurement of your home. We’ll revisit site to perform soil testing and site survey.

4. Approval & Contract

Official construction plans will be provided to both yourself and local authorities for relevant approvals. Once all certification and plumbing is approved, we’ll enter into the final build contract.

5. Construction & Delivery

We will manufacture your home in our Yaba Homes factory. Walk-throughs are welcome at any time. Your home will be transported to site so we can complete the final installation.

6. Handover

Once all council inspections and certifications have been approved, building handover will take place. We’ll perform a final inspection and provide all the quality assurance checks and documentation to you.

Are you ready to learn more about our housing solutions?

Why Choose Yaba Homes?

Because Experience Counts

Our expert team brings decades of experience in construction, site management, project management, customer relationships and urban planning to ensure you get the right home for your purpose, on time and within your budget.

Our Quality & Delivery Guarantee

We use quality, durable building materials matched to your environmental conditions, all meeting high Australian standards. We guarantee you’ll have delivery of your manufactured accommodation in just 4-weeks*.

*subject to the clients variation requests.

Help Us Create Impact

Yaba Homes is Aboriginal owned and managed and we’re committed to creating job opportunities to directly benefit Indigenous people, communities and families - and we want you to be part of that with us.

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